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For sure, making your own special logo in Kenya costs between  Ksh 2500 and Ksh 10,000 Think about it like creating a masterpiece; it needs a lot of care, thought, and effort. Your logo is super important. It’s the first thing people notice, and you want it to look awesome and last forever. Going for a really cheap logo might seem like a good idea at first, but it’s your brand’s heart we’re talking about! It’s worth it to work with someone who gets what you’re dreaming about for your future. They’ll help make a logo that feels just right and grows with you.

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What is a Logo?

A logo is a visual image that identifies a company and strengthens its presence and memorability. To learn more about logos – the types, the design components, and everything in-between, use the sources that provide detailed explanations and prove the role of such characteristics in branding.

Why are Logos Important?

Logos are very important for a business. When people think of a brand, they often think of its logo first. A website called Zippia says that 73% of customers are more likely to buy from brands they know. Also, 75% of people can tell which company it is just by seeing its logo.

Logos help a company a lot, but it’s hard to say all the good things they do in just a few words. However, I’ve tried to share the most important reasons why they’re valuable, so you can quickly understand.

1. Logos make a lasting first impression.

A picture can tell a lot without using words. Logos do the same for businesses, whether online or in real shops. When someone sees your logo, they start to understand what your business is about. If they see your logo again later, they might become interested in your brand.

Think about when you shop. Do you buy from a brand you’ve never heard of, or one you know? That’s why a company’s logo is important. It makes us remember and trust the brand.

2. Grabs your audience's attention.

Logos can quickly grab people’s attention and talk to them in a fast way. A small picture or visual can help your business get noticed by people if you make a logo that is attractive and interesting to users.

3. Builds Brand Identity

Famous logos are important for advertising. A good story behind your logo makes people remember you longer.

A great logo shows what your business is, what it does, and who it helps. The way it sounds, the style of writing, and the colors share your business’s story. Later on, you can use this logo on things like business cards, websites, ads, brochures, newsletters, and more to show who you are as a brand.

4. Help to Be Different in a Crowd of Similar Things

Making a logo lets you show off what’s special about your brand in a fun way. It gives you the chance to stand out and tell people what makes you different. Be brave with your logo. It helps explain to your customers why you’re unique.

There might be many other brands or websites offering the same services as you. Use your logo to tell everyone why they should choose your products.

Good logos tell a lot about a company. They share everything from the company’s background to what it aims to do. When creating your logo, think carefully about the symbols, colors, and fonts you use.

Elements of a Good Logo

Let’s talk about the most important parts of a good and interesting logo. It’s key to understand that every one of these parts is very important for making a logo for your brand.

1. Typography

Fonts show what a brand’s slogan looks like and are very important for making logos. The way letters look in a logo can really show off what a brand is all about, if you choose the right one. Fonts make a design look more professional and link the brand’s vibe to its name and how the letters look. Also, the right font can attract or push away customers.

When creating a logo that fits your brand well, make sure the fonts are easy to read and recognize. Choose your font style carefully. You might want to try several styles for the same design and then select the best one.

2. Color

Color is very important for making things stand out in design. It uses different colors and shades to make designs more interesting and grab people’s attention.

Try to pick colors that really show what your brand is all about. By choosing the right color, you can connect with your customers on an emotional level. Since feelings often guide our choices, having the right color in your logo can help people feel good about deciding to choose your product or service.

3. Logo Style

Personalization into logos is a fundamental need because it helps your logo be remembered. The foremost notion that comes to people’s mind about a logo is its understandable shape and the look of it. It helps to give them a super-fast information about what the brand stands for. Then they deal with more intricate details like the slogan and the specific colors in the logo. The logo can feature different shades too. The right picture or symbol for someone’s logo picks the character of the brand to people get known.

If you have trouble with what you really want as a logo, you can consider so many designs. Its appearance could be of a square, a circle, or some random design. Selecting the best design for your logo will encounter your ideas and add and look appealing.

What are the Common Types of Logos?

What are the Common Types of Logos?
It is necessary for every business to get a logo. People are looking at options and also using different methods and ways to find out the best choice and ways for designing logos. Logos are the mainstays for websites. Occasionally, it is challenging to design a suitable strategy for a quickly growing business but there are several different strategies for logos that can help.

It is imperative to be acquainted with the various categories of the logo designs to ensure the best deliberations form the strategies. Discover these types of logo design in the following article in a bid to connect your target audience with you through a quick and reliable medium.
Pictorial logos

[image source : Quora]

For the majority of companies or corporate famous names where the name is single word, they add wordmarks or lettermarks. Wordmark logos are the most typical style globally winning the highest preference among logo types. The company’s name is just placed there as if it is meant to be cool only because it is in a cool font and the color is nice.

To start with “Wordmark Logo” find the typeface you want for the logo. Then play around with different fonts and styles until you get your desired result. Locating is one of the common fonts which you really like that portrays to your company’s voice, you may decide to stick to it, or alter its look a little. In addition to that, certain flexible brands also create their distinctive features associated with their wordmark logos.

Pictorial logos

[Image source: jessicajonesdesign.com]

Many big companies prefer to use a simple picture as their logo. They are made of drawings or symbols, which showcase what the company does, or its name logo.

Say for instance, picture the Apple logo that has the bitten apple,  and the World Wildlife Fund’s panda. This collection of images represents the brand.

What are the Common Types of Logos?

[Image source: jessicajonesdesign.com]

A combination mark logo is when it incorporates both the images and words. Such logos use both symbols and words together. It may be pictures with words, letters with initials, or any combination of these.
What are the Common Types of Logos?

[Image source: Louis Vuitton.com]

Majority of companies with names consisting of three and more words usually feature emblems that include their monogram. They use first few letters of their name to find a straightforward logo. Just like how people show their feelings through facial expressions, companies make up monograms to make stands for themselves.

The arrangement of the founders’ initials in monogram logos is particularly noteworthy. It’s the most used choice for large companies which have been there for a while because it represents the brand and what it believes in.

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Logo Design Services in Kenya 2024

Are you dreaming of making your business in Kenya something super special and memorable? Guess what? Your dream starts with something pretty cool—a logo! Yes, a logo is way more than just a drawing or some colors and letters. It’s like the face of your brand, telling everyone what you’re all about with just one look. But finding someone to create that perfect logo can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! We’ve looked all over to find the very best logo design folks in Kenya just for you. Whether it’s a big company that’s been doing this for years or a super talented person working by themselves, we’ve found the best of the best so you can get something awesome.

No matter if your business is just starting out or if it’s already big and successful, these logo creators are here to really listen to you. They want to understand what makes your brand special and design a logo that shows that to the world. It’s your chance to make your brand shine and stand out.

Don’t miss out on making your brand the best it can be. Check out the top logo design services in Kenya and let your brand’s true magic show. Today could be the day everything starts to change for your business, with a logo that catches everyone’s eye in just a glance.


Logos are like your brand's face. They're the picture people see and remember to know it's your brand. You want people to see your logo and quickly remember what your company does and how it makes them feel.

For sure, making your own special logo in Kenya means spending a bit more than Ksh 2500. Think about it like creating a masterpiece; it needs a lot of care, thought, and effort. Your logo is super important. It's the first thing people notice, and you want it to look awesome and last forever. Going for a really cheap logo might seem like a good idea at first, but it's your brand's heart we're talking about! It's worth it to work with someone who gets what you're dreaming about for your future. They'll help make a logo that feels just right and grows with you.

  1. Pick an idea. Share what you've encountered firsthand.
  2. Pick a computer program. 
  3. Use different shapes and colors.
  4. Have fun with different fonts.
  5. Add symbols or pictures.
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