How to get an affordable #1 Logo Design in Kenya 2023

Logo design in kenya


How to get an Exceptional #1 Logo Design in Kenya 2023

Logo design kenya


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Understanding of  Logo Design in Kenya

Logos are part and parcel of us. We have them in our televisions, laptops, hoods, Water bottles, and other products that we purchase in our daily lives. Logos are designed for the companies that deal with the products that we come across, and therefore, we find them whenever we buy their products.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol that is developed by a logo designer for a company so that it can describe the products of the company. Logos represent a visual image of a company as it brings out the image of the company to potential customers that will provide a market for the products to the company.

logo design in kenya


History of Logo Design in Kenya

The design of logos in Kenya has developed from the use of hand drawings to the use of online software such as Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, Adobe Photoshop, Canva & brand Crowd.

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Softwares nowadays are offering easy guides and tools to design logos at pocket-friendly prices. This has made it easier for individuals to design their logos in different ways.

The logos that are designed using software take a short time compared with the ones that are designed by hand drawings. Someone can design a company’s logo using software tools in less than 3 hours. Which is way better than having your logo designed by manual drawing. This indicates that by using software the output will be appealing to the eye and also saves lots of time.
Online tools are very simple, and allow you to change colors according to your preferences, adjust the layout of your logo, add text, and much more. Customizing the logo template is the key to having a unique logo.

Researching and Choosing the Right Logo Design Agency

Several individuals and Agencies do logo design in Kenya. There is a need for companies to have their logos, and this has led to an increase in logo design companies in Kenya.

The top design companies in Kenya include; 360 STUDIOS, Epic Designers, Designvillage, Niche Designs, Kent Branding, and Design Agencies, Full-service Web and Graphic Design Agency, Kkraft Brand Design, and many others.

These design companies are located in different places in the country and advertise their services to potential clients. The clients will then be charged for the service of having logos designed for them. The companies have different charges for the designs depending on the technicality of designing the logos and the resources used. The qualities of the logos differ depending on the creativity of the designer.

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Characteristics of a good logo

logo design Kenya

    • A great logo should not be complicated.

      Simplicity in a logo will make it easier for people to recognize the brand when they see them. Logos that are simple can easily be remembered by people.
      Logo designers in Kenya should thus ensure simplicity in their logo designs. Simplicity in the design of the logo will make it flexible since the logo can be used in smaller products and larger products. The same might be needed in a website, and hence, simplicity must be enhanced.
      Complexity in the design of the logo will make it hard for customers to remember the brand, and hence, the image of the company will not be well established for the potential customers. ㅤ

  •          A good logo should be appealing to the clients.

It should give a good impression to the customer. So while designing a Logo designers should ensure that the design is appealing to them before they hand over the logo to the client.
When both the designer and the client are impressed by the design of the logo, it will be definite that the customers will also be impressed.

  • A good logo should visually communicate the products and services of a company.

A good logo should visually communicate the products and services of a business. A logo should be in a position to tell the people what to expect in the company. When a logo is designed without capturing the products of the company, it will be very hard for the customers to know what the company deals with, logos are usually designed with an image of the products or services offered by the company. Logo designers should t ensure that they design logos for their clients that are relevant to their products and services.

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One issue that faces logo design companies in Kenya is competition. Many individuals and agencies are offering logo design services, and thus, there is competition for customers. This makes some of the design companies lower the charges for the service they offer to the business clients.

People who deal with logo design in Kenya will agree that logo design is at its growth stage. This is because with the establishment of businesses, there is a need for the products to have logos, and thus, logo design will continue growing in the future.

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