Graphic Design Courses in Kenya

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Graphic Design Courses in Kenya

By 360 studios Kenya
July 11, 2023

Graphic Design Courses

In the visual world, graphic designers are one of the most sought-after. This field of study gives you access and privilege to unlimited income streams as you are sure of working in different companies or organizations. Graphic designers are known for creating visual content through art, and this is done professionally to represent what the content is all about.

Studying graphic design courses is a good way to start a career in graphic design. With the advent of technology, there are also lots of tools and applications that have helped graphic designers, and all of this is to make their job easier and faster.

List of Graphic Design Courses in Kenya

– Visual communication
– Cartoon animation/rendering
– Digital imaging and motions
– Oracle certifications
– Web engineering
– Software engineering
– Computerized analysis
– Computer-aided design; ArchiCAD and AutoCAD

Universities/Schools/Colleges Offering Graphic Design Courses in Kenya

– Technical University of Mombasa
– African College of Aviation and Management
– Serein Education Centre
– Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology
– Kenya Institute of Software Engineering
– Institute of Advanced Technology
– Nairobi Institute of Technology

Graphic Design Courses in Kenya Requirements

Studying a creative course like graphic design requires some basic requirements, and there are additional requirements specific to the university or college you are applying to. The basic requirements include a KCSE C – (minus) or above, C plain in English, C – (minus) in Kiswahili and D + (plus) in mathematics or physics. Basic computer proficiency is also necessary, and a certificate in a film-related area from a recognized institution is usually preferred.

Graphic Design Courses in Kenya Fees

A course like graphic design will never be taught anywhere for free in Kenya. Considering the software and tools used in teaching, it’s important to be aware of the cost of education. A graphic design course will typically cost around KSH79,000 in any of the schools listed above. This creative course offers a valuable skillset that can lead to lucrative opportunities.

Is Graphic Design Course a Marketable Course in Kenya?

Creativity is endless, and graphic designers create exceptional designs and content for brands. The creative industry is not as crowded as it seems, and there is a growing demand for graphic designers in Kenya. With rising brands and industries seeking creative professionals, studying graphic design opens up numerous opportunities. It is a course that exposes you to different industries, allowing you to work anywhere and offering flexibility in your career. Graphic designers are always in demand, and being highly creative enhances the graphical representations of content and visuals.

The development of applications and software has revolutionized graphic design, making the work of designers more professional and efficient. Graphic design brings life and visual appeal to the world, transforming text-heavy materials into captivating visual experiences.

Graphic designers in Kenya earn a good income and can work in various sectors such as schools, the entertainment industry, companies, organizations, and the clothing industry. They can also work as brand social media managers or run advertising firms. With the ability to work remotely and handle multiple projects, graphic designers have the opportunity to explore additional freelance work. The advantages of being a graphic designer are limitless, providing recognition and the chance to work with numerous brands.

As a graphic designer in Kenya, you can earn around KSH 20,000 to KSh 50,000 per month as a newcomer in the industry. After gaining experience, those who have worked for about five years earn close to KSH 90,000 per month for a 45-hour working week. This flexibility allows you to pursue other remote jobs and enjoy the perks of being a graphic designer.


Graphic design is a creative course that tests your ability to represent content visually. By studying graphic design, you can enter the job market immediately after obtaining a degree or even work for brands while still in school.

We have provided a comprehensive list of graphic design courses available in Kenya, along with other important information you need to know. Pursuing a graphic design course opens up a world of possibilities and allows you to showcase your creativity in the visual realm. Start your journey in graphic design today and unlock the potential of a thriving career in the creative industry.

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