360 studios Kenya

Welcome, Kenyan Business Owners.

Your Business Through Customers' Eyes

Imagine what customers see when they look at your business – from your logo and website to your social media and even the fonts in your brochures. All these elements should show the high quality of what you’re selling. If they don’t, customers might get the wrong idea about your business.

How We Can Help?

That’s where we can help. If your business’s look needs to be created, updated, or just polished, we’d love to chat with you. Outdated ads, unattractive logos, messy designs, and dull business cards are exactly why we’re here.

Our Belief

We believe your business deserves to look its best – a look that matches the quality of your work and appeals to your ideal customers.

Our Mission

We work with Kenyan entrepreneurs to build successful brands with smart design that catches the eye. We’re on a mission to help a million Kenyan businesses love their look. No matter the size of your project, your branding needs to stand out and make an impact.

Our Creativity and Passion

We bring our creativity and passion to every project, whether for individuals, families, nonprofits, or businesses of any size. Every client gets our full creative attention, and we love tackling new design challenges. Working with us means you’ve got partners, not just another email in your inbox

Ready to Create Something Amazing?

Ready to create something amazing? Check out our portfolio, then get in touch to see how we can bring your business ideas to life with standout designs.

Thank You for Visiting!

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